Frequently Asked Questions

Most health insurance covers lactation services. After each televisit with us, we will provide you with a ‘superbill’ which is a detailed invoice/receipt of the services you received. You may be able to submit this to your health insurance carrier for reimbursement. We urge you to contact your insurance company to verify coverage and with any additional questions.

TeleLact is just getting started and we will be growing quickly, so look for expanded services to be available 24/7 in the near future!  For now, please contact us if you are in urgent need of a consultation and we will do our best to accommodate you.

You will need a hungry baby, a quiet, comfortable place to sit with good lighting, and a laptop or mobile phone with a camera (and a place to prop it so you can be hands-free). Also, be prepared with everything you need to breastfeed during your consultation, and to make the most of your visit, please try not to feed your baby right before your appointment.

Our board certified lactation consultants are experienced working with breastfeeding mothers and babies with all varieties of breastfeeding difficulties. However, we cannot help with medical diagnosis or treatment, such as jaundice, thrush, or illness.

It is important to include your physician as you work through any lactation difficulties.  Our board certified lactation consultants will provide you with a detailed care plan that we encourage you to share with your physician.

Yes, a prenatal consultation with our board certified lactation consultant will include a health screening and breast assessment to ensure your body is ready to breastfeed, address any specific areas of concern, and help you with planning, breast pump selection, and education.


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